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Onkwehonwe | Haudenosaunee | Kanien'kehá ka

She is a community-engaged visual and media artist who advocates for equality and facilitates the creation of informed opinions of Indigenous cultures. 

Dawn is the executive director of the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada and owner at Pass The Feather. Dawn has dedicated herself full time to protecting and creating context of endangered Indigenous art forms, the artists and the next generation.  To learn more about Dawn, click HERE.


Dawn is a Feather-Keeper and artist. Her extensive collection of feathers is utilized in workshops to create talking feather bundles and personal smudge feathers. She explores sharing circle customs, bird medicine and intergenerational trauma in each workshop. Dawn’s workshops are held in safe spaces within public and private school systems, summer camps, workplaces, community groups, federal buildings and on-reserve educational facilities. Learn more and click HERE.


Dawn's specialty is branding. That is, creating new or working with an existing  logo and carrying the colour, context and design through all of your graphic, print and web projects. Dawn has been working in graphic design for over 25 years and is known for her minimalistic, clean and impactful styles.

Dawn has created logos and graphics for any application including printed books, business stationary, promotional products, social media marketing, signage and web sites.

To learn more about her graphic design and logo work, click HERE.


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